In the fantasy writing world that I constructed on the 1st, I imagined my Saturday and Sunday being eight hours of writing with the odd computer break chucked in. Yeah, that didn’t happen. Twitter tells me that some participants are doing things like:

• Going for 20k in a day
• Trying for as many words as possible in a 15 minute sprint
• Not allowing themselves to do something they want to do until they’ve hit their daily word count

If it works for you, great! I thought: why not go for 10k words in one day? Let’s just say that it doesn’t work for me. Neither does tying myself to the keyboard until I’ve hit some quota.

My weekend ended up being more like: write for a while, watch a DVD; write for a bit more, read for a bit; write, leave the room and come back to find one of the cats has stolen the writing chair. Assess whether I want to end up in A&E, or leave the cat on the chair. Decide that writing can be done later.

It’s worked for me. So I’ve decided that constructive procrastination is the way to go. I can’t just sit down and type for eight hours. I need to do something unrelated to the story, something that engages my imagination or offers a bit of thoughtless R&R (like the film Battleship which I’ve just seen for the first time and is surprisingly fantastic).

By Gemma Storey