It’s now day eight of NaNoWriMo and according to the stats tab on the NaNo site I am slightly above where I need to be in terms of word count. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not going crazy with the typing. I am, however, getting into a rhythm. My typical weekday (read: workday) goes like this:

6am – 9am: Writing time

9am – 6pm: Working time (mainly copywriting)

6pm – 10pm: Thinking time (my boss will be happy that I’m following her advice)

10pm – 6pm: Dreaming time

What do I mean by thinking time? Well, anything that gets me focused on something else. Like: watching Hobbit production videos on YouTube; shouting at the radio/TV when a particularly annoying politician comes on; reading; Tweeting; gaming; watching something, or – God forbid – going outside and talking to actual real people.

I’ve found that it’s always during the ‘thinking time’ phase that I’ve had ideas about the book and had to rush to note them down before I forget. It also leaves me wanting to get writing as soon as I wake up. I’m feeling pretty tired at the moment, so I know it’s important to pace myself if I want to reach 50k and finish off draft on of this novel by midnight on the 30th.


photo credit: Martin Gommel via photopin cc