Oh dear. I’ve already mentioned how 2007 me left a half-finished book…well at some point in between then and now I decided to add another layer to the storyline. I wrote it all down in a book and then forgot about it until 10pm last night, when I decided to read through the note book as some last minute prep. Oops.

The pile of index cards sitting on my desk is still useful, but I have to write each scene with this extra plot detail in mind. It’s no big deal. NaNo is about writing like a maniac for a month, so this last minute re-plotting kind of fits. Also, I find that the more I plan, the more ideas I come up with while I write.

Another issue I left myself with was a half-finished scene. So when I started writing at 6am I had a few minutes of staring at the screen like a startled zombie, and looking at my notes trying to get my yet to be caffeinated brain around what to write. I had no notes on that scene anywhere.

I got through it by thinking about where the characters would be when we met them again. What did they need to do? What should they discover in this scene to help them? In the end, I managed a scene and a half and over 2,000 words this morning. That’s just over my word count target for a work day, so I’m happy.