Firstly, allow me to take a moment to celebrate that I am now actually enjoying this rewrite – HUZZAH! And it only took 23,000 words to get there.

Thank you.

I think I’ve finally found the right balance for writing during the week. Finding time to write during, before or after a workday has been tough. Before work I tend to read industry blogs, write to-do lists and listen to the Today Programme (okay, usually shout at the Today Programme). I have a very bad habit of letting work bleed into lunch, and after work I tend to crash and do something mindless.

What I’ve started doing is using my lunch hour to work on the book. Not only has it resulted in me making some progress on the rewrite, but it also re-energises me for the afternoon. I love copywriting, but you don’t just sit down and bash out 2000 words on a random subject. You need to research it, structure the thing and sound like you’re an expert in the field, when you may have only been given the subject a few hours ago. It’s a great way to earn a living, but can be quite mentally draining.

Allowing myself an hour to be creative in the middle of the day actually benefits the work I do in the afternoon (as well as letting me make progress on the book). If I stay on track, I should have the draft of book one ready before November – when I need to concentrate on draft zero of book three.

While I’m on the subject of writing around your career…

Yesterday evening I finally had a flick through the book I picked up from the New York Public Library shop. Writer with a Day Job was written for me. It’s full of exactly the kind of advice I need – and I noticed it also recommends writing during your lunch break (there’s also a blog). It’s worth getting it if you can.

Here’s to the next 23,000 words!