Grammar rules

I love it when someone with authority and experience wades into the grammar debate. This week an Oxford Uni English Professor (of all people) decided to start a debate at the Hay Festival about if we need to keep using the apostrophe. I say yes, we need the apostrophe. But, we also need to be flexible when it comes to some other grammar rules.

The Telegraph asked readers which grammar rule they would like to get rid of, and so far “never split and infinitive” is winning. This makes me happy.

Even if it isn’t an actual rule in the first place (ahem).

Heroes and villains

I love this article detailing the back and forth between the heroes and villains in our stories. I think some of the best works of fiction often leave you wondering who the hero really is. Thinking about it, I have one properly evil character in my work in progress, and he’s not even mentioned until the second book.

None of my main characters are innocents. They’ve all done bad things – depending on who you ask. The thing that marks the good guys out from the bad tends to be how far the person will go, what they will do, to get to their goal.

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Reading and passion

Lastly, this is a fantastic TED talk on the power of books and finding your passion.