My head has been buried in the rewrite this week (okay, so I may have also become slightly addicted to Sherlock during my week off as well…). I’m becoming increasingly obsessed with the whole rewrite and editing process, it’s also helping me come up with new ideas for the third book. This brings me nicely on to my first link of the week…

Index cards

I always use index cards to arrange scenes, using different coloured cards for each viewpoint character. I didn’t realise that there was an iPad app that let you do this digitally. The Index Card app looks great – yes, I hate typing on an iPad, but look at the video below, you can rearrange the cards and sort them into storylines! These two things alone make me want to download this now.

HT: this blog post by @woodwardkaren

Word processors

I use Word. I’ve got Pages as well, but for some reason I just prefer Word. I’m hearing a lot of good things about Scrivener though. I like the idea of having a digital binder where I can collect all of the notes around a specific book or character.

I like to write notes and brainstorm by hand, but the downside of this is not knowing where something is written (I tend to write the idea in whatever notebook comes to hand). Scrivener could be a great way of organising my thoughts and allow me to keep working on the plot when I’m away from home.

Writing routines

This list of writing routines shows just some ways that writers get into the zone. For example, the reading for inspiration point is something that I do, but I also get lots of inspiration from films. The book I’m writing isn’t sci-fi, but I came out of Star Trek Into Darkness buzzing and ready to write. I think my pre-writing ritual can pretty much be anything as long as it sparks some kind of creative interest.

featured image credit: ernest figueras via photopin cc