Ah, book one. I do love you, but you are annoying.

I’ve made so many additions to the original chapter one, that it’s going to end up as three chapters at this rate. I’ve still got 18 sides of paper to type up, around 4,500 words, before I can move on from what was chapter one.

I’m typing up and rewriting as I go, but I know that I’ll need to go back through it again to edit the manuscript down. Once it’s done, I’ll move on to rewrites of book two and then loop back to book one. My plan is roughly this:

April / May – work on book one rewrite
June/July – work on book two rewrite
August – edit book one
September – edit book two
October – plan book three
November – write first draft of book three

This kind of planning suits me. I’m not the kind of person that can say ‘I’ll write/edit 3,000 words a day’. Some days I may work on one page of text (usually, these are the days when I’ve had a lot of writing to do at work), while on some days off I’ll spend all day focusing on fiction writing.

Yet I know that if I didn’t set myself some sort of deadline, I’d closely resemble this quote from Gustave Flaubert:

“I spent the morning putting in a comma and the afternoon removing it.”

I have some ideas for other projects, but I don’t want to neglect this one. I know it’s a great story. I just hope I can do it justice. Then I suppose that’s the thing about being a writer. You have to be able to translate your imagination onto the page, so that others can experience the world for themselves.

Not everyone is going to appreciate your work, but that’s okay.


Featured image credit: gigi 62 via photopin cc