You can forget chocolate or tourist figurines, this, my friends, is the ultimate ‘I’ve just come back from New York and you have not’ gift. (Thank you boss!)

Things to write about

It’s a book from the New York Library shop, called 642 Things to Write About, and it is fabulous. It’s jam packed full of short writing prompts – my favourite so far is the one on the back:

“You are a pirate. Describe your perfect day.”

I think the PR  copywriter side of me is going to like the “write a press release announcing the biggest moment in your life” one!

Other places I find inspiration:

    • Pinterest is great for visual inspiration (as are film magazines).
    • Novels.
    • Other people (for some people it’s conversations, but I get much more out of body language and annoying things like people’s mobile phone conversations – much more room for interpretation!)
    • Films – especially the ones that provoke a strong emotional reaction. For example, I’m a geek/nerd hybrid and this new trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness makes me want it to be May. NOW.

    • Fantasy artists like John Howe.
    • Dreams – I don’t know about you, but I have some pretty freaky ones.

But, I don’t sit around waiting to be inspired. Inspiration is random. I’ll be going about my own business, probably busy doing something totally unrelated to writing, and BAM! Wait for inspiration and you’re probably not going to get much writing done.

I’d love to hear where you find inspiration.

Featured image credit: the lovely, very generous and now slightly tanned Kate Hartley.