This week’s links focus on writing, editing and a new way for short story writers to get published.

Camp NaNoWriMo

I heard of Camp NaNoWriMo while taking part in last November’s national novel writing month, but I had no idea what it involved. Here’s what I’ve found out:

  • Like the November NaNoWriMo, it’s all about writing a book in a month
  • It takes place in April and again in July
  • You can sign up with your NaNoWriMo login
  • You set your own word count goal
  • The site assigns you to a ‘cabin’ of up to five other participants based on the preferences you indicated on sign-up (you can also choose to have no cabin mates)

While I love the idea of doing another couple of NaNoWriMo’s before November, realistically it’s not going to happen. It did get me thinking about how useful a NaNoEdMo would be, and lo, one already exists. Typically, it’s March. Again, that’s not going to happen. I’ll just have to motivate myself – the horror!

Talking of motivation…

For anyone that can think of nothing worse that reading Twilight, I present to you the books that started out as Twilight fan fiction, 50 Shades of Grey, or as it was known in its fan fiction stage of development, Master of the Universe (thanks, E L James, for corrupting that childhood memory).

I’m not going to opine on how cringe worthy I find 50 Shades – hey, the books have made their author a multi-millionaire so they are clearly lighting some people’s candles – but I do find it interesting that James is bringing out a guide to writing.

Stephen King, I can understand. Orson Scott Card has a great book out about writing science fiction and fantasy. James Scott Bell has some fantastic guides on the market. But, EL James? It feels a bit like the 18-year-old celebrity who brings out an autobiography.

Amazon’s Day One

Amazon is creating a new literary fiction imprint called Little A, and a digital-only imprint by the name of Day One. The digital imprint will focus on publishing short stories by new writers. I know some people like to hate on Amazon for being the destroyer of the publishing, but this sounds like a great development to me.

featured image credit: ernest figueras via photopin cc