Okay, I’ve had a week away from the story and I’m now ready to get stuck in to rewriting book one. It’s not going to be a quick process. I like to look at it the same way as James Scott Bell in his book The Art of War for Writers where he says write fast, edit slow.

Well, both first drafts were written fast so I’ve done that bit right.

I think stage one is going to be redrafting a chapter a day, maybe two if I have the day off. I don’t have a deadline to hit, but I’ve decided that I want to get this book out there and I can only do that if it’s in decent shape. I lost the Word doc for book one (I know, this was in the time before I backed things up!) but thankfully I do have it printed out.

Apart from the language, the most important thing is to adapt the plot and some of the character relationships to fit the changes I’ve made in book two. I know that the first book is going to need much more work than book two, but that’s what re-writes are about after all.

photo credit: mbgrigby via photopin cc