There are six (ish) days left until NaNoWriMo comes to a close and at the moment I have around 8.5k left to write, so I’m kind of on target. The trouble is I’ve finished the book. As I mentioned, I’m using NaNo to write the second half of the second book in a series (having written the first half some time ago). The draft is now over the 90k mark, and I wrote the final scene with 10k to go.

I went a bit rogue towards the end, which included: ignoring the pre-plotted index cards; inventing entirely new scenes and making significant changes to the plot at the end of the book. Now I’m going through the draft scene-by-scene and adding chunks of text here and there. Fortunately, because I have several view point characters, the draft is very dialogue heavy, so this gives me a chance to add some much needed description to the story.

I’m finding it slower work, as I’m having to read it back and actually think about what’s missing, but it’s also quite enjoyable. (Okay, I might be doing a sneaky bit of re-writing along the way…) Hopefully, I’ll be able to reach the 50k target in time. I’m typing the added text in purple and noting the extra words down on a spreadsheet so that I can keep track of which words were NaNo2012.

Fingers crossed (and coffee supply permitting) I’ll get there in time.

Good luck everyone!

photo credit: stetted via photopin cc