I may be annoyed with 2007 me for leaving a half-finished book at the end of the ‘07 NaNoWriMo, but I’m willing to forgive myself after discovering what I can only describe as the idiots guide to the plot. I’ve spent the last few days re-reading the draft and making notes, only to open a file this evening and find the book neatly summarised on six sheets of paper (note to self: examine files).

I have two connected main storylines – which, of course, I knew about. The idiots guide tells me what they are, and what position each character takes. One thing I noticed when re-reading the work so far was just how many sub-plots seem to be going on. Luckily, I have a page summarising them. I have nine (eeek!)

I started out with six viewpoint characters, which grew to eight during the writing. The five main characters have six conflicts on the go each. There’s one character who’s a secondary character, but the reader spends a lot of time with him because he’s used quite a bit by some of the main characters(yeah, he has issues). The final two are less conflicted, and more stabilising influences.

There’s a lot of conflict going on in this plot. It’s enjoyable to plan, and fun to write. But now I’m wondering whether there is too much conflict? I think the best thing to do is just work with what I have and worry about it when I can read the completed first draft. I’m not going to perform major surgery on the plot a day before NaNo starts, I’m not that mad.