It’s almost NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) time, which, for the uninitiated, means it’s time for thousands of people around the world to crazily commit to writing 50,000 words in 30 days. I did this back in 2003, when I was young, dewy-eyed and able to stay up past 10pm.

I managed over 75,000 words in 2003. I planned. I plotted. I did my world building. I had yet to enter the world of work. I had zero commitments. I tried again in 2007 and missed my target by 450 words (it’s bizarre, I’ve just re-discovered the half-finished novel and cannot for the life of me think of why I left it at 49,550 words).

Anyway, this year I’ve decided I’m going to write the last 50k of that half-finished book. I need to if I ever want to write the third one. I then have to commit to re-drafting book one and book two. Eeeek!

So, I’ll be blogging my progress here, posting over on the wonderful NaNoWriMo forums (I really hope my favourite forum, ‘I hate myself and want to die’ is still up and running), and Tweeting the usual inane things. Right, I’ve procrastinated for too long now, I need to finish planning…